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Azerbaijan - Entry Visa Now Required for Business and Work Trips

Foreign nationals must now obtain a business or work visa prior to travel, depending on their intended activities, and can no longer enter under a tourist visa and apply for the proper status in country. 
Previously, foreign nationals could enter under an electronic tourist visa and apply for a work permit and temporary residence permit in country. 

This new entry system allows the immigration authorities to more strictly regulate entry for business and work purposes. 
New business entry visa categories:
The following key categories of business travelers staying in Azerbaijan for up to 90 days must now obtain a business e-visa or business entry visa (if they do not qualify for an e-visa) prior to entry: Those seeking to conduct qualifying business activities;Highly-qualified specialists in economics, industry, science, etc.;  Those investing at least AZN 500,000 in Azerbaijan; andEntrepreneurs.Work activities are not allowed under this status.

New work entry visa categories
The followin…

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